Why can’t we just relax anymore?

Simply doing nothing, is that still possible nowadays? Even during their vacation people tend to do some work and appear to be resistant to complete relaxation. One of the reasons why probably is the possibility of globally being all-time connected – a lot of us can’t and won’t go without this comfort anymore. But sometimes it’s better to simply “pull the plug”.

Going on vacation without smartphone, notebook, camera, iPod and all stat stuff? Honestly, I don’t know a single person, who is travelling completely without any technical devices. And I have to admit, neither do I. I sadly belong to that kind of people, that even during their vacation can’t stop checking their e-mails or sending messages via WhatsApp and capture every possible moment with the camera. But now that I have to work at a place, where everybody else is on vacation, I start to realise, how sad this actually is.

Sure, I can see the benefits in having the comfort of navigation apps instead of using actual maps, and I can see why people don’t want to go without them in foreign countries (or even in their own countries). And of course, you want to have the appropriate music for your trip, I get it. But more and more that’s not where it ends. Here are some examples:

During my break in the noon I am lying at the well-attended beach in Samara, surrounded by a lot of hurly-burly; Children are playing and screaming, there is some surfing going on, a lot of people are happily laughing ore just relaxing, as I am. But between those happy vacation scenes, you can – if you take a closer look – see a new kind of people on vacation, that, at least for me, don’t appear to have travelled for being on vacation, but to SHOW the whole world that they’ve travelled. There actually was a small group of friends spending hours on trying to take the perfect picture of themselves in front of the Costa Rican flag at Samara beach. Don’t get me wrong – I do love taking pictures as a memory myself, and usually I take a lot of them. But why is it, that nowadays people go to such beautiful places and instead of just enjoying the moment and the atmosphere at a new place, just take pictures without actually perceive what they are recording?

Hammock between palm trees


“Did you see that incredibly beautiful sunset? – No, but I took a lot of pictures.”

Sometimes it’s better just having the memory of a lovely moment with people, who are important to oneself, than having 100 pictures, 40 videos and tons of other digital evidence of it. Cause honestly, a vacation in paradise probably isn’t forgotten that easily. And this now certainly shall not be seen as a hate speech about memories like photos and stuff, it’s rather meant as an appeal to not forget the relaxing part of one’s vacation, where you should just take a step back and enjoy the moment and your life. Well at least that’s what I am planning to do on my next vacation. Maybe it’s one of the things you just realise if you work at a place where everyone else theoretically could just laze around.

Something that confuses me even more are those people, who work during their vacation. Only because you have a job you theoretically could do anywhere in the world doesn’t mean that you actually should do that. Working in a hotel you meet the most different people from various nations, and among all of them there are people, who answer the question about what their plans are for the day with a simple:” Well, first I am going to work a bit…”. But why are you going on a vacation if in the end you still are sitting in front of a computer the whole day?
A scene that for me is incomprehensible: Various people sitting in front of their notebooks, tablets or whatever while having breakfast. Responding to an e-mail of the boss here, working on some documents there, why are you doing this? If you do this, going on vacation is kind of pointless, isn’t it?

Another kind of those anti-vacation-vacationists are the people, who can’t bear missing something at home, and thus spending 24 hours per day checking their various social network accounts for being up to date and don’t miss any changes, even in countries that are far away from home.  Isn’t there enough to see in foreign countries (or even in your home country). I would guess there is. And I don’t think the new profile picture of an old classmate or the relationship of a colleague is as interesting, as is learning about a completely different culture and interacting in new surroundings. And if you share everything with everybody while you’re gone, what are you going to tell when you come back home?

Maybe it really is because I am working at a vacation destination like Samara, Costa Rica, and particularly in a hotel, that I think it’s extremely sad seeing that people aren’t really relaxing anymore, and instead are mentally still in their everyday life. Maybe on the next journey we all should just calm down and disconnect a bit – meant not only regarding the relaxation but also regarding the technical devices. A few days of doing simply nothing should be quite healthy for your psyche as well as for your body. So please, just plug everything out on your next vacation and just do nothing at all!


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By E.F.

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